What is an Employer of Record?
An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that performs all formal employment tasks, pays salaries, taxes, and administrative employer duties to your employees in a country where you do not have a representative office.
Nerdsbay Employer of Record (EOR) allows companies to legally employ workers in Finland, or relocate them to Finland without having to set up a local entity or risk violating Finnish labor laws.
Nerdsbay officially hires employees in Finland on your behalf. For example, if your company is legally registered in the United States and you want to hire an employee in Finland, you can do this with th Employer of Record (EOR) services of Nerdsbay.
How does it work?
Sign up EoR contract with Nerdsbay.
Your employee signs up work agreement with Nerdsbay.
Nerdsbay organizes the process
of applying for and getting Finnish residence permit and provides the relocation support.
Nerdsbay invoices your company on a monthly basis.
Nerdsbay pays payroll, taxes, vacation, and sick leave benefits for your team members located in Finland on your behalf, and in accordance with Finnish labor laws.
Focus on your team and business processes, while Nerdsbay EoR handles all the administrative routine.
Why choose Finland?
Finland is a great country for work and life. Happy Employees in a Happy country - let your team members choose a better location for their home and get engaged and productive employess.
The fastest relocation process in Europe
2 weeks for documents
1 day for relocation
Short-track for legalization
Easy to rent a flat for a long period of time
Specialist documents are ready together with the documents for the family
Good country to live
The happiest country 5 years in a row
Good ecology and beautiful nature
Good public transport
Great country for kids: child allowances, free education, medicine, free lunches in schools, and many other perks and benefits
Landscaped parks and many options for outdoor activity
Good country for work
English is a language that you communicate almost everywhere
Great digital services, #8 Most innovative country
The freest and the most stable country in the world
The labor pension is accumulated from the first day, and you can receive it even if you move
Why Nerdsbay is a great choice for EoR in Finland?
We helped 500+ specialists and their family members relocate to Finland.
We are located in Helsinki, Finland, and provide all necessary services to your employees. You do not need to set up your entity in Finland. With our Employer of Record services, we hire full-time employees on your behalf. They work for you just like the rest of your team.
500+ relocation cases
We follow all changes in migration policy
We are experts on relocation to Finland:
A community with diverse activities (sport/culture/adaptation)
We serve clients from different locations:
Tech talents Direct Search
Online Tech job fairs
Recruitment services:
Minimum wages
We comply with the Finnish laws:
TA and EB events for our customers
Since 2019
Being local is better than being global when it is about providing better relocation and adaptation services for your Employees.
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